The Good Old Times

our Dinner & Dance was 70s themed so we decided to dress retro. We found ourselves at Bugis Street because we wanted to buy polka dotted hairbands.

I found instead a vintage clothing shop Good Old Days. The shop was managed by an auntie who was bemused by the 101 questions we asked, especially my colleague who kept asking if the stuff in her shop were from her old home. I guess she had the perception that vintage objects are old stuff in your house you want to get rid off.

I’ve always liked vintage dresses but quite put off by the prices. The shops at Haji Lane tend to sell them no lower than $80 a dress and they tend to be a little bigger than normal. The dresses at this auntie’s shop was quite affordable and I left with a cobalt blue dress. There was a gaping hole between 2 buttons so she sewed a push stud button to close the hole for me, after I loudly proclaimed that I didn’t know how to sew (actually I did, I was just lazy). She remarked that young people these days don’t know how to do a lot of things. She mentioned her son who didn’t want to marry Singaporean girls coz he felt they didn’t know how to cook. I was in the dressing room and I almost rebutted that her son is better off marrying a maid or a housekeeper.


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