Happy Birthday to Me #6 Ember Restaurant

Richard brought me to Ember. it’s located at Hotel 1929 at Keong Siak Road.

Many of you would have heard of it. It’s been around for some time. It’s a little restaurant that sits about 30. so when everyone is talking, it gets really noisy.

They have a 4 course set dinner at $85+++ where you pick one from each course.

I was delighted to see they have the chicken and liver parfait with brioche. The first time I ate parfait was at Cumulus in Melbourne and i LOVED it, which was pretty amazing since I hate liver. but the parfait, coated with cream, is a mouthful of sin just melting onto your tongue. They gave a pretty generous serving too. I ran out of brioche at the halfway mark.


Richard ordered the crab cakes.


Then I moved onto the foie gras sandwich. When it arrived, I was plesantly surprised to see their idea of a sandwich was a sliver of baked wafer so thin you barely see it. but it adds a crunchy texture to the foie gras. WHICH WAS SO GOOD i went to liver heaven. However I’m not sure of the caramel puddle presentation at the side. To any cat owner, it looks like hairball barf.


Richard ordered the Crispty lobster.


I of course went for the beef tenderloin. after the yummilicious livers, I was a very teeny weensy bit disappointed with the steak. It was soft to the point where it’s a bit mushy. I like my meat with a bit of firmness. however the doneness was perfect. I really hate ordering MEDIUM and it comes out something else. The steak was served with this sauce that tasted like 5 spiced something. to the side was a slither of sweet mustard.


Richard ordered the roasted pork belly. it was served on a bed of sinful vegetables soaked in sinful sauce (i think loads of butter), dollops of brown sauce, an circle of apple and a test tube of pork drippings. the pork takes after the chinese style roast pork with a thick serving of crackling that rests on tender pork covered with juicy pork fat. Crystal Jade, this is how roast pork should be done.


I ended the meal with panna cotta with gula melaka while Richard ate a pear tart.

Overall the meal was really good. I want to go back again.


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