Getting lost in business district

Let me describe today’s epic journey to a meeting.

Firstly, the meeting was at 9am. Who in the world does 9am meetings?

Then it rained. I do not like to drive in the rain because of poor road conditions where the roads are slippery, there is low visibility and you can’t see the lane markings. This is especially dangerous when you’re driving along Bukit Timah Road now where the roads are super windy due to the construction. What made everything worse is people drive worse in the rain so not only is everyone slower, people can’t help but drive slow because of road accidents.

So here I am driving in the rain during peak hour where there is a traffic jam. I left the house earlier to avoid ERP (electronic road pricing) which peaks between 830-855am at certain spots. Typically I pay about $1.50 per way and I would have paid that much today if it weren’t for the jam. I ended up crossing 3 ERP gantries during the peak surcharge and paid $7 in total. Cue angry hissing.

Right after I entered CBD area, my GPS died. If you’ve never noticed Shenton Way is infamous for its one way streets, and I’m not just talking about the major thoroughfares like Cecil Street or Robinson Road. The small roads that run perpendicular are also one way. So when I missed the turning, I had to make a huge loop and return to the same big road. It is at one of these smaller lanes that I stopped my car to check Google maps for directions since my GPS refused to revive itself.

That was when I realized I had made the wrong turn into the wrong block. The address of the building where I was supposed end up is XX Robinson Road. Since Robinson Road is a 4-5 lane road with buildings on BOTH sides, this building which I thought was on the left side, ended up being on the right side of the road. Hence I was on the wrong lane when I made the turn.

So after the detour, I ended back on the same road and this time turned right instead of left.

I finally ended up in the right back alley which led to the car park. Did you know that not all buildings in CBD area has hourly parking? Sure they have parking but whether they are ONLY season or also have hourly is the bigger mystery. Even though I checked on google maps where I should park, when I turned into that building’s car park, the gantry didn’t work. There was no sign that said whether it was season or hourly parking. There was only one notice that said do not insert cashcard into machine.


So I had to reverse down a spiral ramp to exit, thank goodness Yoshimi is small. I reversed down the back alley to try another car park that I drove past because I had missed the tiny “Hourly & Season Parking” sign that was pasted AFTER the car park entry (brilliant, people, that’s just bloody brilliant).

After I parked, I had to run to the building where the meeting was actually held (that building itself only had season parking). The buildings on either side of Robinson Road run in alternate sequence; even numbers on the left, odd numbers on the right. While running towards the meeting, I wondered if i was running in the right direction (number getting smaller or bigger). I stopped short at a security post and asked him where [name of building] was, is it in front of me or behind me.

Suffice to say, after the rain + traffic jam + death of GPS (Garmin nuvi) + getting lost in CBD + can’t find car park = I was 30 mins late for a meeting.

To add insult to injury, the parking fee at that building was $11. As the parking machine spat out my cashcard, I pressed the receipt button furiously but they ran out of paper.

Frankly I don’t understand why people complain it’s difficult to get to Sentosa. They obviously never tried to find a building with hourly parking as close as possible to their destination point.

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