A Febreezed Cat

As I opened the front door, Grey sneaked out, as always. Without fail, every day when someone comes home through the front door, he will try to sneak out. He doesn’t go very far but it’s really annoying having to chase him back. Previously waving a packet of wet food would lure him in but he has soon learnt it’s a false trap. Stamping our feet really loudly would scare him in but doing a mad dance out in the common corridor is embarassing.

My solution is to spray him with water. we have a spray bottle parked on the shoe rack for such purposes. Cats hate water. So everytime he sneaked out, all I had to do was douse him liberally with water and he would scoot back in again.

One night when I came home tired, Grey sneaked out again. Having no patience to deal with this, I grabbed the water bottle and started spraying at Grey. After a few squirts, I smelled something fragrant. I wondered why does Grey smelled like flowers.

I glanced down at the bottle and realised I wasn’t holding the water spray. Instead I was holding the Febreeze bottle. I had mistakenly grabbed the Febreeze bottle, which had a blue head, instead of the water spray bottle, which also had a blue head.

Horrified, I quickly grabbed the right bottle and sprayed over Grey, partly trying to chase him in, partly trying to dilute the cloud of Febreeze on him. After I slammed the door shut, I froze, not knowing what to do. Should I just pretend it didn’t happen, or confess to Bryan that I Febreezed his precious cat.

Grey stared at me accusingly.

Trying to minimise the harm done, I grabbed paper towels and wiped Grey down. He protested loudly at being cathandled but it was for his own good. God forbid if he were to collapse from smelling so good.

on hindsight, he was probably cleaner than he’s ever been for some time.


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  1. germaine · · Reply

    ‘cathandled’. Hee.

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