Farewell to Skye Sirena

Skye Sirena is my friend’s brother’s girlfriend. She worked at Dragonfly as a singer. Last Thursday was her last night at Dragonfly and she held her farewell concert.

It was an hour long set where she showed off her vocal range. I was very impressed as she had the range of Mariah Carey, trilling through many octaves with such finesse. She sang a mix of English ballads from Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. She was often accompanied by 4 backup dancers, dressed here like vamped up warlocks in hoodies.


The other performers at Dragonfly were in attendance. Most sang duets with her. Here’s Sly Sylvester (from Singapore Idol fame) singing with her. Check out his panda bear belt.

On her right is a Jacky Cheung lookalike.


Her 2 BFFs cried while singing with her. I thought it was a rather bittersweet farewell.


Final group song “I believe I can fly”. I kinda hate this song.


After her set ended, they had the regular sets by the other singers. With Bryan’s uncle’s help, we were seated at the VIP table and had a good view of the stage. One of the dancers excused her way through our table to get to the platform behind us and started prancing around in her feather dress.

behind the main stage, we watched as 2 girls started wiping the poles down. At first we thought it was rather sad that one had to wipe down one’s own instrument of trade. Then when we surmised that they were “maintenance”, I thought it was rather strange that these 2 girls were dressed rather sexily as maintenance. Then I realised why they cleaned their own poles and not anyone else because no one could shimmy up the pole to wipe it from top down. Then they got into position and suddenly started twirling sexily on the poles. this was my first true viewing of a pole dance. These girls were really good! The poles went all the way to the top of Dragonfly so that’s about 2-storeys high. As I took pictures of them, Bryan was taking pictures of my gaping mouth.


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