Happy Birthday to Me #5 Malacca Seafood

We made a weekend trip to Malacca, this time with 2 goals in mind: #1 to get my wedding shoes.

#2 TO EAT.

The last trip we made a month ago was pre-planned by family so we didn’t get to visit Portuguese Settlement, a sea-facing seafood stretch of restaurants that specialises in Portuguese style cooking. I’m not familiar with Portuguese cooking so I can’t comment how accurate the style is BUT the food is still good nevertheless.

We usually visit the 1st stall (from the car park) but this time not only were they full, they RAN OUT OF CRABS. THE HORROR. I almost left in disgust when Bryan brilliantly approached the 2nd stall and asked if they had crabs. AND THEY DID! so we went to the 2nd stall instead.

surprisingly they were rather good! I’m not sure why the 1st stall gets all the customers but I think everyone should give the other stalls a shot. This one is called Joan & El’Chico restaurant. We ordered the butter prawns. it was an EXPLOSION of butter and garlic with a tinge of prawn taste you get when you stir-fry prawns. I LOVE IT. this goes onto our list of must-eat foods in Malacca.


Assam squid. I was expecting the spicy variety but this one came out lame. it was sour with a plum taste which was OKAY but i didn’t quite like it. I improved it by adding the belachan from the kang kong dish to this.


THE STAR OF THE SHOW: BURN CRAB. it’s simply crabs lightly salted and peppered and put over charcoal to cook. the condiments bring out the sweet meat of the crab. This is the reason why anyone still visits Malacca.


We went back to the cheese beehoon restaurant. Bryan saw an ad on a taxi in Singapore by a restaurant who also sells cheese beehoon. unfortunately he didn’t notice the name of the restaurant -_-

SALTED EGG CRAB. my all time favourite. I love how they pile everything into a nice pile like CRAB MOUNTAIN.


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