Happy Birthday to me #2

As part of the birthday celebrations, my colleagues asked when I was free to have a surprise birthday lunch. We picked Wednesday since I was going to be on leave on my birthday itself. While out at a meeting, I had a sudden craving for steamboat and told one of them so. So as a surprise, we went to Jpot at Vivocity for a surprise steamboat birthday lunch.

Doncha just love friends who constantly surprise you like that?

The company was great. Rachael tried to order “longan louhan guo” drink and ended up saying “longhan” drink. we spent the whole of lunch laughing at her, talking about other colleagues and generally agreeing that the only people who mattered were those at our lunch.


When Steven asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I just said lunch with my favourite people. No birthday cake. No singing. Of course people don’t listen to instructions and while I was standing at a colleague’s desk talking about work, the cake loomed up from nowhere and they all burst into song. I was happy that they didn’t care enough with my request to not sing coz while embarrassing, it was really sweet of them. Then one of the girls joined the group late, so they all started singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY with MUCH ENTHUSIASM a second time. then another colleague hurriedly joined the singing and they all SANG IT A THIRD TIME! by then i was squatting and trying to hide under the table.



and then I opened my present and I GASPED WITH SUCH HAPPINESS! one of the girl’s boyfriend is a fellow gamer too and he remembered that I mentioned I played Mass Effect 2. So while shopping for my present yesterday, he pointed this game out and said GET THIS. SHE WILL LIKE IT.

it’s funny how I went from not wanting to spend any more time with my colleagues than I absolutely need to (8 hours a day at work), to loving them so. They may not know me very well but they do make an effort to try to get to know me better.

Things I love about this card:

– a reference to me as an elephant lover

– a drawing of a cat

– a strawberry shortcake sticker

– a promise that if said well-wisher struck TOTO, he will buy an island in the Pacific and build a Lego statue of me.


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