Hong Ji Herbal Bak Ku Teh

Years ago I was craving for Klang style Bak Ku Teh (loosely translated as pork ribs tea) but I didn’t want to drive 5 hours to KL for it. I didn’t know where to find any in Singapore because the prevalent type of Bak Ku Teh is the peppery (Teochew style) sort which I do not like. However, thanks to my friend’s brother, he recommended a Bak Ku Teh stall located in the heart of Marsling’s industrial estate. Yesterday I was craving for some Bak Ku Teh and with the help of the Internet, we confirmed that it’s still where it is and drove down for dinner.


It was not hard to spot the coffee shop it was located at. EVERYONE was eating it. Then, the stall was old and dilapidated, run by an old couple and back then, I feared they may pass on without passing on their secret Bak Ku Teh recipe. But it was evident last night that someone did take over the business, spruced it up with a colourful signboard, got a lot of media attention, evident from the newspaper clippings that decorate the stall, and even expanded it from one stall space to two.

The Klang Bak Ku Teh, also the Hokkien style Bak Ku Teh, is brewed with herbs so it comes out a dark brown soup. The pork ribs were soft with a bit of fat on it, so it was tasty and not too tough. There were sliced mushrooms and pieces of bean curd skin floating in the pot, almost like the way they do it in Malaysia. While good, it still cannot compare with the Klang version where it’s lighter on the herb taste and heavy on pork rib soup goodness. But of course this beats the peppery version any time.


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  1. Looks yummy! I do like the peppery one too though 🙂

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