All you need is love Wedding

Bryan’s cousin had his wedding celebration on 29 February at One Rochester. I love the idea because it is simple and casual. Pity my family isn’t into simple and casual.

What I love about Bryan’s family are the children. With ages varying from 2 to 9, they provide a range of entertaining options for a good 2 hours. After that their parents can take them back to do the real work. But for the 2 hours that I was at their table, I was highly entertained by them.


The older 2 recognise me by now and we could have a proper conversation, of sorts. They were taking turns telling me riddles that I wasn’t supposed to guess because they were BEGGING to tell me the answer. Of course I had to laugh uproariously, which made them mighty pleased. That’s the thing about children, they can be easily pleased.


Bryan’s favourite niece Miriam was staring at me precociously, probably finding me familiar (we were in a 3 hour car ride together) but not very sure. Until I leaned towards her and asked her how’s her (toy) cat Ming Ming. She BEAMED at me with such happiness and proceeded to tell me that Ming Ming says MEOW.


Jonas, the youngest of the lot, not counting the newborns, is at the stage where he’s repeating everything he hears. so he looked at me and said MEOW.


The children moved in a pack and when they blocked the way, one of the parents was trying to get the troop out from everyone’s way. Her husband said, just called Isaiah, the oldest of the lot. He called for him to move, and as the child stepped back, so did everyone magically. He confided in me, you just have to find the leader of the pack. It’s like Pied Piper.

It’s like cow herding tips.


So as a present to the wedding couple, the cousins and their kids sang a Beatles song, that was also the theme of the party. All You Need Is Love. The children have been practicing for the past week.


Trying to get the kids in line on stage was a major undertaking. The older ones were talking nonsense into the mics. The younger ones mimic their older siblings and tried to shout into the mics too. The babies of the group tiptoed and lunged themselves at the mics, almost tipping the stands over.


It’s like the Von Trapp family, with much less coordination. One of the parents would prompt under his breath “all you need is love” and all 5 of them would chorus ALLL YOUU NEEED IISSSS LOVEEE. It’s pretty darn cute.



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