Operation Bladder Stones


Fido has been suffering from incontinence for some time. He was also peeing outside of the litter box which was a sign of infection.The last time we brought him to the vet, he was given some medication and we thought he was cured.

Last night we came home to find him hiding under the couch, a place he rarely went to. This morning there were blood stained urine drops all over the house. When I was in the kitchen looking for breakfast, Fido was sitting in the corner by the kitchen sink unmoving. The spot in itself was strange. That he didn’t move when I wiped the pee drops next to him was also strange (he doesn’t like the smell of the cleaner). That was when I realised there was a puddle under him. He had actually peed not just outside of the box, but sat in his pee not caring. Cats are fastidiously clean creatures. I knew immediately something was wrong.

I texted Bryan and we decided we should bring him to the vet immediately. Fido made long low maoing sounds, complaining coz he was in pain and he hated car rides. Thankfully there wasn’t much of a crowd at the clinic so the vet saw him after a short wait.

The vet, who’s also a friend of Bryan’s, first recommended antibiotics to clear the infection. She then suggested we take an ultrasound of his belly because it could be bladder stones. To do so, they had to shave his underbelly to get a clear picture. While her assistant held Fido up, she shaved his belly hair off, much to Fido’s displeasure which he made really clear. In the ultrasound room, they put him on his side and held him down while the vet scanned his insides. As clear as day, we could see 2 round shapes in his bladder. Fido did have bladder stones, which was probably the cause of the incontinence as they pressed down on his bladder and made him feel like peeing.

We decided then to operate because there wasn’t any point bringing him home and back again. The vet performed the surgery in the afternoon and we went back to see him a couple of hours later after he woke up from the anesthesia. The poor boy was wearing the collar of shame. He had 2 tubes taped to him, a cartheter which was stained red and the other fluids as he was dehydrated. Fido looked calm and a little drowsy but he wasn’t complaining anymore. We patted him and told him everything would be okay.

The vet showed us the bladder stones she dugged out after digging past 4 folds of fat. The smaller pieces were the size of sand. The 2 bigger pieces that we spotted on the ultrasound were half a cm each in diameter. These were too large to be passed out so luckily we had the operation to remove them. Their edges were also jagged, which may have caused some damage in his bladder that led to the bleeding!

He is staying overnight at the clinic so they can observe the colour of his urine before they release him. Thank you all for your prayers!


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