Happy Birthday Mong!

Mong celebrated her big 4-OH! at Cookyn Inc at Garden Hub (Margaret Drive). I didn’t realise it was where Cookyn with Mervyn has moved to until I saw his wife wandering around us keeping us fed. The theme was Back To School so we all had to scramble to get our uniforms. It would have been a miracle for me to fit into my 16 year old outfit.

Unfortunately the uniform shop we went to didn’t have my school uniform so I had to make do with a sister school. Tricia and I borrowed pink school bags from Adele and I insisted on Strawberry Shortcake school bag, carrying it with me the entire night. Other people at the party thought I was really 16. Either the bag was too successful or I really look that age, even with make-up on. Funny how I cannot fit into what I used to wear when I was 16 but I can still look 16.

I thought it was really cool that all of Mong’s friends made the effort and turned up in uniforms, some of them borrowing ties and badges from their children. We had two 24 year old DJs playing 80s music, which was a laugh when they were dumbfounded at Mong’s request for Locomotion. Wassat?

The rest of the party was aptly 80s decorated although I was half expecting the bag on the top of the cake to be Sonia Rykiel.


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