The Good Wife

What is there not to like about The Good Wife? This is a story about Alicia, a wife of a District Attorney Peter Florrick, who had to suffer the embarrassment of her husband’s infidelity, and joins a law firm (after years of being a DA’s wife) to support her family while her husband battles his predators. There is the main plot where they uncover what went on behind her husband’s fall from grace, while each episode focuses on a certain case she’s fighting and the methods they used to help their client win. But nevermind the plot line, what kept me going were the secondary characters in the show.

Eli Gold

Eli Gold is  Peter’s campaign manager. He is cunning, charming and he gets things done. I love all his one-liners in the show.

Eli: Now I may not seem like the warm understanding type, but this is my warm and understanding face.

his exchanges with Becca, some teenager thorn in his side:

ELI: Well, look who we have here today.
BECCA: Hello, Mr. Gold. I come in peace.
ELI: Mm-hmm. Like Yasser Arafat? Are you maybe confusing my office with the free clinic down the street?

This is my favourite, where he threatens her. His threats are so… imaginative:

Eli: See, I have a lot of friends. I’m sure you do too, but the difference is my friends are not in homeroom. So I want you to listen to me. Stop tweeting! If you tweet, I will know you tweet and I will — Have you seen ‘Drag Me To Hell’? It will be just like that.

What’s there not to love about Eli Gold?

Diane Lockhart

The other partner of the firm, she’s the image of the strong ambitious career woman. I love her style, her confidence, and her ability to strut out of an argument with such flair. I love watching the expression on her haughty face change from a knowing smirk to an all out laugh.


Kalinda Sharma

The investigator at the firm, who has no qualms using her feminine wiles to charm her way into any place that would give her the answers to cases. What really struck me about Kalinda that no matter what she doesn’t allow herself to show any expression that would reveal her true feelings. She stalks around the screen oozing sexual confidence and a nonplussed attitude. You could stab her in the back but she won’t react, and you won’t realise what hit you until you see the same knife planted in between your eyes.


Carey Agos

I’m two minds about Carey. I loved him as Logan in Gilmore Girls because he’s smooth, charming, witty and good-looking. But in this show, he’s this annoying little preppy boy who pops up from time to time to annoy everyone. He went from charming to being smarmy.


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  1. Ahh, I have a thing for Alan Cumming. He looks so eeeeee-vil.

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