Eating Malacca: Restoran Tong Sheng

From our weekend Malacca trip:

Just around the bend from Restoran Keng-Dom is Restoran Tong Sheng. This restaurant is known for its seafood, most importantly Malacca’s well-known baked crab and cheese beehoon. I’ve heard a lot about cheese bee hoon but I’ve never had it till today.

The restaurant was packed with locals, a sure sign that this is a good place with good food.


The famous cheese bee hoon served with prawns. this is the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. The only comparison I can find is the crab bee hoon they have in Singapore, but while the crab dish uses condensed milk and perhaps butter, this prawn bee hoon uses cheese. the gravy is watery but very tasty. Bryan and I were tempted to pour the leftover gravy into a bottle and bring home.


As it was still Chinese New Year, like most chinese restaurants, this one still carried their chinese new year menu, which was rather limited. They didn’t have the baked crab (sadness) but instead they had SALTED EGG CRAB. i was so happy. Lucky me, my table had 4 children and 8 adults, and the others were stuffed so I was left to polish the rest of the crabs. All these years of crab eating training has finally paid off.

Malaysia hands down has the best Chinese food in this region.  Now I have to wait for some Singaporean to copy the cheese bee hoon dish and bring it over.


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