My first Terrarium

I decided to make a terrarium after being inspired by my colleague’s terrarium.

First we got supplies from Ikea. They sold plenty of jars of all shapes and sizes. We also got some soil and pebbles.
To set-up, lay newspaper on the floor because of the mess you’d create transplanting the plants.


Lay a tier of pebbles at the bottom of the jar. This is supposed to mean something but I don’t know what.


Then pour a layer of soil on top of the pebbles.


We bought these pretty plants from Ikea. Pick plants that are easy to manage and don’t require a lot of water.


Separate the plant from the pot then gently loosen the soil. It is best to separate the stalks so that you get more leeway to model your plant.


Start stuffing your plant into the soil in the jar, arranging the colours as you see fit. Use your finger to gently push the soil around the plant so it gets enough support. By now i’m wondering why they call this Green Thumbs when my fingers were turning brown with soil.


Once you’ve filled the jar, close the lid and TADA TERRARIUM! Keep the soil moist but not wet. The plant will start its own eco-system that keeps it self-sustaining. With the lid on, my plant kept fogging up the jar, so i’m gonna grab some charcoal pieces to lay on the soil. This prevents the jar from fogging with condensation.


One comment

  1. OMG. easy peasy! i am so gonna build my own now. thanks burbur.

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