Wat Tham Pha Plong

Chiang Dao is a little town an hour and half away from Chiang Mai. this quiet town has few sights and one of them is Wat Tham Pha Plong. I’m not a huge fan of temples, especially not when we were told from the onset there were 500 steps to the temple.

500 wut?

Having climbed 200 steps in Bali and almost fainting from it, I was really apprehensive about this one. the staff at the hotel waxed lyrical about how beautiful it is up there and I tried to convince myself i really wasn’t into temples. However we had a couple of hours to spare and I thought hell why not. You only live once right?


The view at 200 steps. It was pretty amazing.


Of course true to my nature, I was bitching and moaning all the way up. It was like cycling through Pulau Ubin again. I tried to pace myself so I won’t see white again but that didn’t stop my legs from aching. When I got to the first landing, the divine Buddha had a few words to say about my grumbling. Much chastised, I climbed the rest of the way in peace, somewhat.


That didn’t stop the dramatics of course.


The temple was built into the side of the mountain by a really old monk who had since passed. He was one of the more divine monks in the region, traveling around helping the poor. Here in this town, he found this quiet spot where he decided to build a temple.



A couple more steps to the top of the temple.


We sat at the top of the steps and enjoyed the peace around us. The temple was surrounded by mountains covered with trees. We could hear birds calling to one another, birds I’ve never heard before. It really was worth the 500 steps to the top.


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