Eating Malacca: Restoran Keng Dom

From our weekend trip to Malacca, a bulk of it was eating. Uncle D picked his favourite restaurants and dragged all of us there. This was our first stop when we reached Malacca.

Without a doubt, the old men were all making jokes about it being a restaurant that serves condoms.


Restoran Keng Dom serves steamboat, and not just any steamboat. They are known for their beef steamboat, where most other places serve the typical seafood or chicken soup based. We ordered plates of beef and gouged ourselves silly. The vegetables were thrown in to appease our stomach’s conscience.




a bowl of beef soup keeps your sorrows away.


The restaurant is also known for its thick pork curry. I’ve never eaten beef steamboat before, neither have I had pork ribs curry. Instead of the usual bread rolls, they served puff pastry along with the curry. Dip the pastry into the curry and it’s better than any prata I’ve ever eaten out there.  THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD.


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