Traveling with old people

Over the weekend we went to Malacca with a bus load of old people. No we weren’t volunteers on a eldery day trip tour nor did we board the wrong bus. Bryan’s uncle D was celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary in Malacca and brought the lot of us with him. The party included  transportation, boarding and loads of food. we signed up for it thinking that we’d have loads of fun, not realising that all the younger people, the cousins, decided to drive up in their respective cars while Bryan and i were the only 2 young people on a bus of 20 fogeys.

We were the last to turn up at the pick-up point where the uncles and aunts were already finishing their breakfast, as older people tend to wake up earlier and be on time. I was amazed how much noise a bunch of old folks can make but these were people who like to have fun. Onboard the bus, Uncle D’s drinking friends were having the time of their life poking fun at him, mimicking how he orders his poor wife around and exaggerating his most-used word, AIYAH!!! They joked about the wild parties they were going to have upon reaching Malacca and even brought out a stack of play cards to wile the time away. These were the people who were out partying the night before till 4am! In contrast, the only 2 people under 40 years old were sitting at the back of the coach practically comatose from having to wake up at 6am to catch this bus.

There were 2 groups of people on this trip; the couples who were mostly related to Uncle D, and the singles who were Uncle D’s drinking friends. The couples showed up on time for everything and were generally quite proper while the drinking friends were constantly creating a ruckus  wherever they went. talking loudly in the lobby, banging their way through the corridors and waking up their neighbours, knocking a sink over in  drunken revelry. It seems age didn’t matter when it comes to having fun.

The relatively reserved relatives didn’t disappoint though;the conversations turned a little lewd at one point when a cousin explained the reason  his wife didn’t come on the trip was because she had a milk duct infection (she was breast feeding) and the uncles proceeded to make jokes about  the milk being trapped and how the cousin didn’t suck hard enough to release the milk. If said cousin needed help sucking, both uncles would be  happy to help.

it is clear that during the wedding, I have to sit this family well away from my conservative family, else I would hear no end from my mother.

No trip is complete without a few hiccups. The coach bus that brought us to Malacca broke down on one of the drives to a restaurant. We were  stranded by the side of the road as the bus driver frantically tried to call for the mechanic, unable to arrange another bus to pick us up within such  short notice because all buses were busy during this long weekend in Malaysia. So there we were loitering by the curb with 20 other older folks trying to hail cabs back to the hotel. Unperturbed, they started cracking jokes about pushing the bus back to the hotel, while the aunts quipped  that ladies get to sit on board while the men worked.

In all, it was an unexpectedly fun trip, considering we were with people almost twice our age. Who says one slows down when one gets older?

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