me vs mother-in-law round 1

Yesterday I finally lost my cool with my future mother-in-law.

For a year now, I’ve been staying over at Bryan’s place every other day, alternating with my own place. My interaction with her is few and far between because she keeps to her own busy schedule and when she’s home, she’s parked in front of the television following her favourite Korean soap. We’ve had the infrequent casual family dinners but that’s as far as it goes. I do have conversations with her but that’s done in passing whenever I leave the bedroom to grab something from the kitchen. In all, we are friendly to each other and she’s excited about gaining a daughter-in-law so she will have the daughter she never had.

She’s been buying me all sorts of weird things. She bought me 2 teddies (as in the lingerie, not the stuffed toy), which I waved in my boyfriend’s face and proclaimed his mother was hinting I should seduce her son once in awhile. She also got me one of those convertible fur shawls that changes into different kinds of shapes depending on how you stretch and drape it around you. We spent 10 minutes watching the video on how to work it as I humoured her by stretching the woolly thing between my arms. In all, we have an amicable relationship.

Yesterday I hand washed my gym gear, expecting to visit the gym more times than I had spare gym clothes to wear. I hung one set from the bamboo stick above to dry. an hour later, I returned to the kitchen to find that my mother-in-law has conveniently swept the wet laundry to the end where all the dry clothes are hanging, so she can hang her clothes. it was a really minor thing but I GOT SO FURIOUS. to me, it’s the simple action of checking if the clothes were dry before you do anything. So I bit my tongue and shifted my wet clothes out so they could dry properly.

I returned to the bedroom and RAGED at Bryan. As I waved my hands about dramatically, threatening harm and hail fire if this were to happen again, announcing with a sense of doom on our future living arrangements when she moved in with us into our new place. Bryan just sat back placidly and smiled. When I stopped to take a breath, he said, “you now know how I feel.”

So I took a deep breath, went out into the living room, and in as nice a voice as possible, told my mother-in-law that my clothes were still wet so do not mix it with the dry ones. She quickly apologised and I told her it was no harm, it’s okay.

deep breaths. it’s going to be okay.



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    It will be okay. It really will.

    Ping you on MSN with my own story of going postal.

  2. Yeah, I lived with ex-MIL for many years too. After a period of adjustment, we got along ok. Sometimes, we just tahan and keep quiet, and sometimes if it matters and if it’s a re-curring problem, it’s just necessary to calmly suggest that things could be done differently. You’re absolutely right though. Rant at the husband first till you feel better, then tackle the mother 🙂

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