Lunch with friends

We decided to introduce the Seow Gohs to Bollywood Veggies.

I swear they make every meal seem so fun.


The good thing about eating in a group is that you can order a lot. After ordering a lot, you still have room for dessert, which we never used to have when it was just Bryan and myself.



  1. It would seem y’all ordered everything on the menu!

    1. yes I think that’s what we did!

  2. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    Oh man. This all looks so good but in my stomach-fluey state, I don’t crave any of it. /misery

    1. Oh no! Load up on acidophillus and I hope you’re all better soon!

      1. Ms Brightside · ·

        I am loading up on all kinds of pills and potions, can’t wait till I can eat stuff that isn’t plain bread…

  3. Looking at the food makes me want to go again. Haiz.

    BTW, do you and Bry want to do dinner next Fri? I’m teaching a course at RI so maybe we can all link up after work that day…

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