Dry food diet

One of the cats has soft poop so Bryan decided to swap their half wet half dry diet to completely dry. However the cats didn’t get the memo. So when we came home in the evening, they were begging for their dinner. I poured the last bits of the dry food into their bowls and told them, THAT IS IT.

they stared at me and waited.

I took a new bag of dry food to refill the food container with. at the sound of plastic ripping, both boys RAAAAAAN to me, with Grey shoving Fido out of the way to get to me first. It was like watching a skinny old man shove a slower fat lady out of the way to get to the free goodie bag giveaway. They watched me as I poured the dry food into the container and toss the bag away. Confused, they walked back to their bowls and sniffed at them, around them before looking at me as if to say, WUT?

I looked at them and shouted NO MORE WET FOOD! HA! and walked away.

Grey is holding out and refusing to eat the dry food. Fido was so hungry he gave up hoping so he ate his dinner.


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