Household chores

Household chores I hate doing:

1. sweeping / vacuuming

2. mopping. While labouring over this, I invented a better way to do these things with less effort. I always imagined jets installed along the walls which would spray water over the floors, then the tiles would sink in to let the water flow away. This will be followed by strong bursts of air from the same jets to dry the tiles.

3. changing bedsheets. All mattresses should come with disposable sheets which you can rip away.


Household chores I don’t mind doing:

1. ironing, although I do a bad job of it.

2. folding clothes. This is rather ironic though because I used to hate folding laundry. As a kid, one of the main things I had to do was to fold clothes for the entire family and since my mom washed clothes very often, we can have up to 4 washings in a week to fold. I’d let it grow, hoping it’d go away but it doesn’t. Once I was so angry that I threw a fit, throwing all the clothes in the air, screaming and kicking like a banshee. after I calmed down a bit, I had to scoop all the clothes up into a pile again and fold them.


Household chores I like doing:

1. Dishes

2. Laundry. I don’t understand why people hate doing laundry. how difficult is it to toss your clothes into the machine and then turn it on?


Since living together, Bryan and I kinda split the household pain together. He does almost everything since it’s his house, but I do help out with the dishes and laundry. But he hates changing the bedsheets too, so we have to suffer that together.


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