Sunday Morning

I woke up this morning to cat meowing and pounding on the door. I opened the door to see both cats waiting outside for me. They ran to the kitchen, half-expecting me to follow them.

I got to the kitchen to find a mess of litter all over the floor. They waited as I swept up the debris.

I washed both the cat bowls while Grey meowed inpatiently at me. I split the food equally between the 2 cats while Grey eyed my movements, waiting to pounced on the kitchen counter the minute I turn my attention away.

I put the cat bowls down and separated both cats with the kitchen door.

Took this chance to use the bathroom and brush my teeth.

Grey’s litter box was a mess so I cleaned it up. scooped up the poop and stained litter. Did the same for Fido.

As I opened the kitchen door to get the fresh litter, Grey sneaked in and started eating from Fido’s bowl even before he was done. I chased him out with a broom. He hissed at me angrily. I slammed the door shut in his face.

As Grey pawed the door, I watched Fido as he finished the last of his meal before I opened the door again. Grey stared at the empty food bowl as I grabbed the litter and replenished both litter boxes.

Grey sniffed at his box and then attempted to pee in the bathroom instead. I shouted at him and he ran away.

I started scrubbing the toilet floor. Grey used his litter box.

I washed a couple of bottles that I was collecting for craft. I heard Fido tossing his litter around in his box and when I looked, he had propped himself half in half out of the box and took a majestic poop. He climbed out of the box and left a trail of poop prints.

I wiped down the poop prints. Stared at the fresh litter now stained with cat poop. Scooped out cat poop.

Both cats are now lounging in the living room.

This sounds like a job description for a domestic maid.


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