Bo Sang Village, Chiangmai

Bo Sang (meaning Umbrella) Village is 9km east of Chiangmai. A short drive out of the city brings us to this umbrella making village which has been around for generations. As you enter Bo Sang you are immediately greeted with streets littered with umbrellas and parasols of all colours and sizes. In the shade of her shop, a granny sat on her bamboo stool making an umbrella.

We got distracted and wandered into a furniture shop.

I got tempted and bought myself a few paper parasols, like when am I going to use a paper umbrella in Singapore right? The person who served me spoke minimal English so we went through the entire buying process by pointing (I want the medium umbrellas *point*, not the small ones *point point*) and throwing the other random English word she understood (“Bird”, “flowers” “this Butterfly”). I don’t like haggling because I’m embarrassed by it so lucky me, she gave me a discount because I was so pretty. And I bought more than one umbrella from her.


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