Litter Adventures

I was making breakfast this morning when I caught Grey trying to pee in the bathroom. That only meant that he’s displeased with his litter box. After chasing him out of the toilet, I tried to clean his litter tray.

I started removing the “stained’ litter. He sat beside me while I toiled.

Many bags of “stained” litter later, I topped up his litter box with fresh litter. The new bag of litter weighs a ton and it’s in the other room so I deviced a scoop out of a used tissue box and tried to carry the litter from bag to box. Made two trips with litter dropping all over the place. Grey stared at me like I was an idiot.

I “tada-ed” the box of fresh litter at Grey. He sniffed at and turned away in disdain. So I liberally tossed scented litter powder all over the fresh litter.

Fido came wandering in to see what the commotion about. he peeked at his litter box, then walked towards us. FRESH LITTER! i saw a light bulb light up over his puny head as he made his way towards Grey’s box. I chased Fido away before he could step in. Grey looked at the both of us like we were both idiots.

I “tada-ed” the box at Grey again. By then he’s probably itching to pee really badly so he rolled his eyes “things I have to put up with”, before daintily stepping into the box. I watched while he peed before he skipped out and stalked away. so much dignity for a longkang (drain) cat.

Fido came back and decided to use his box too. I cleaned up after him otherwise he might start rejecting his own box and use Grey’s box. which would only mean Grey rejecting his own box and using the bathroom floor. So there I was, with my cornflakes getting soggy in its cup, on my knees in front of both litter boxes trying to clean them in vain. I lugged the entire bag of fresh litter to both boxes and tossed some in, almost breaking my back from the effort.

Both cats watched in wonderment at what their human was trying to do.


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