Our favourite food places in Chiangmai

As Bryan likes Chiangmai a lot, he keeps returning to the city and visits his old hangouts. Or rather, his stomach goes back to these places to get re-acquainted. as this was my 2nd trip back with him, I didn’t mind visiting the same restaurants where I enjoyed good meals.

Cristina is an Italian restaurant that serves up to 15 pages of Italian food, from pizzas to pastas to calzones and so on. The food is pretty good for a place in the middle of Northern Thailand.


I ordered my favourite spinach ravioli with mushroom sauce, the same one where Bryan stole the last morsel I tried to hide from him by covering it with an overturned spoon.


Bryan ordered his usual seafood pasta. I find it very weird eating seafood and pizza dough together so I ended up picking off the seafood and munching on the crust.


Mad Dog is a farang restaurant that serves good ol’ western food like burgers, fries and steak. We were the only Asian customers there.


Mike’s is a burger / hotdog joint that Bryan loves. It’s a simple counter + bar stools configuration where you munch on your burgers with the traffic roaring behind you and the burger meat sizzling on the hot pan in front of you. I wasn’t sure which was worse, the polluted air from the traffic or the smell of oil getting into my hair.


Burgers & fries


El Diablo, next to Mike’s serve pretty good Mexican food. I typically avoid Mexican food coz I don’t like to eat smashed beans but the steak quesadilla I ordered was divine. The minced steak was well-seasoned and topped with juicy tomato bits and served with sour cream.


Bryan’s steak burrito. each table also gets a generous serving of the fattest nacho chips ever.


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