Liu Sha Bao (Imperial Treasure Nan Bei)

The liu sha bao experiment continues.

We were at Ngee Ann City (takashimaya) so I popped into Imperial Treasure Nan Bei to grab me some baos. Imperial Treasure is known for its fine Chinese cuisine and we often take our clients there for meals. When I got there, even though the lunch hour was over, there was still a line of people waiting to get a table there.

At $3.88 for 3 baos, it was one of the slightly more expensive baos in the market ($1 for 1 morsel of goodness!). the bread portion of the bao was nice and soft. The custard of the bao was yummy and flowing, slightly more salty than sweet. overall, the proportion of custard to bun with every bite leaned towards the bun (not enough custard per bite)!
3.5/5 but still good!


One comment

  1. you should try the nao huang bao at the cathay!
    same pattern but to die for *yums*

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