New year’s at the Seow Gohs

It was an impromptu thing, us getting invited to the Seow Gohs but we gladly accepted it as we dearly miss our friends.

and of course there was the promise of FOOD.

Tricia’s mom cooked 5 kinds of curry. I had no idea what kind of curry but I could identify one prawn curry and four meat curries. YUM.


Salad. Vegetables are always considered a waste of space but I guess with 5 kinds of meat on the table, the salad is a good counterbalance and justifies your overall meat intake for the day.


The Seow Gohs have a new Kinect which the boys gladly play with one another. I was watching the 2 week ones Lauren and Tasmin fight it out on the boxing game. They were swinging their arms in a circular motion more than boxing, like they were free-styling each other to death. They looked rather hilarious together. It was only when I glanced at the screen and noticed their avatars were swinging exactly the same way that I realised how ridiculous it looked. ah the wonders of technology. I wonder if you picked your nose, your avatar would do the same.


Bromance tees: pirates vs ninjas vs samurais.



  1. Must tell of how the tallest person and the littlest person were in a boxing match and the littlest one helicoptered the giant and took him down in a knockout. Nice.

    1. oh yes! i think the giant is losing his touch if he can lose to a pint size one 🙂

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