Office Christmas Gift Exchange

Everyone knows that when it comes to office christmas gift exchanges, it’s a hit or miss, mostly misses though. More often than not, the people you spend the most time with (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) seem to know the least about you. This is evident in the gifts you get during Christmas.

In some offices, you get a secret Santa and that person then buys you the most generic gift befitting your gender, or worse still, generic gift of the season, CHOCOLATES. With my previous team, we decided to get a little smarter and each put up a list of stuff under $10 that we like so that people won’t get us rubbish. My list invariably consists of book or mall vouchers. When the team changed, we didn’t do lists anymore but we gave gifts to whoever we wished, which meant everyone in the team. So I got rubbish gifts again. To date, I’ve received 5 cigarette holders which I never used.

My Christmas tree made up of presents!


I toyed with the idea of opening a gift each week to chase the Monday blues away. Nothing like a present to cheer you up. But I couldn’t resist. This year’s haul is surprisingly good, no rubbish gifts at all.


Best wrapped gift: TWG tea, wrapped by the staff of course.


Best themed gift: Lavender scent defusers. Maybe my colleagues are trying to tell me something.


Funniest gift: a snack pack made up of Vitasoy soy milk, wafer rolls, pig marshmallows and chocolate spoons.


Pretty Girly stuff


Bulk of the presents were edible. Have I really been snacking that much in office?


The best part of it all, very little skincare related gifts! and NO BODY SHOP PRODUCTS!


Some useful items.


The best gift award goes to my big boss’ PA who gave me the cupcake recipe book. it’s the only thoughtful gift in the stack.


Most mysterious gift: I haven’t figured out what this is. it’s a silver cone the size of your thumb in the shape of an angel. Person who can guess what this is wins it!




  1. So many gifts! How nice. 🙂

    My guess for the mysterious gift: Christmas tree topper.

    1. my boss said it might be one of those card holders, where you stick the card in between the metal frames of the wings. so we tried it and it looked right. he’s really good at guessing these useless things.

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