Treadmill vs Burbur

from the beginning of time, I never liked treadmills. In fact I never liked running or jogging so to ever use a machine that’s specifically built for that activity, baffles me. it’s like oil and water. i may stand beside a treadmill but I’d never get on it. I’ll just stand there glowering at it as if its very existence offends me.

That was until I joined the gym and decided to try it out. After a few recommendations on trying out brisk walking before I go into full fledged running, I thought hey why not give it a shot. Especially since Richard put the idea into my head that I could brisk walk and read my Kindle at the same time. I thought why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone. It’d be even greater if I could play Skyrim while brisk walking. Or link my character up so that it walks when i walk on the treadmill, which 2 guys apparently did with their WoW characters.

So I climbed onto the treadmill and stared blankly at it. After a few seconds, I figured out where the on/off switch was. After I turned it on, I stared for another few minutes. Unlike in a club where you can wander around for the first time while looking cool and pretending as if it’s not your first time, it’s rather obvious in a brightly lit gym if you’re standing on a treadmill not moving for a couple of minutes.  I hit the first pre-loaded workout and the treadmill started moving really fast. shocked, i started running along with it, quickly pressing the pause button so that it’d stop. okay first try didn’t turn out too well.

Then I tried just adjusting the speed till it was brisk walking level that I could cope. So I brisk walked for 10 minutes. Bored i checked out the girls around me. the 2 girls to my right were brisk walking too so no peer pressure there. the girl on my left however, was pounding away like she was either training for a marathon or she was trying to kill herself by exhaustion. I kept peeping at her controls to see how fast she was going. Above us, the TV was showing some B grade movie about tornadoes with the sound turned off so I stood there trying to guess what was happening while trying to read the Chinese subtitles in vain. in between all that peeping and TV watching, I was pretty much entertained.

I tried imagining myself reading my Kindle while brisk walking but I couldn’t imagine how that was possible. I was bouncing so much that reading would have given me motion sickness. after 10 minutes of bouncing, I turned up the speed and started jogging for 5 minutes. Keeping in mind the Couch to 5K programme where they recommended to start really slow for beginners, I decided to push myself a little bit. at the 3.5 minute, it was a mental journey. COME ON YOU CAN DO IT! 30 secs! OKAY NOW YOU ARE AT THE 4 MINUTE MARK! 60 secs! I’ve never been so glad to go back to brisk walking in my life.

After another 10 minutes of brisk walking, I felt quite satisfied that I’ve worked my heart up a bit. So I press stopped and waited for the treadmill to slow to a crawl for cooldown. So i crawled for another minute or so before the machine stopped. Thinking I was fine, I turned to get off the machine and almost flipped off. Ever tried fighting vertigo while pretending you’re not fighting vertigo while hopping off a treadmill? Yes that’s how I felt. It was like WOAH okay good I caught myself. I stood there for 2 secs to make sure I wasn’t spinning, took 2 steps towards the bicycle and then felt myself spinning again. Luckily for me no one was looking, or so I hope.

Treadmill – 1  Burbur – 0

Now that I’ve finally gotten myself on the treadmill I realise it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’m actually looking forward to trying it out again the next time I visit the gym.


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  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    I have no real love for treadmills, I prefer the elliptical/crosstrainer machine instead. Less chance of motion sickness there.

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