Street Cats: Jay and Bao Bao

Jay, a female, was discovered shortly after Silent Bob, hence the name Jay. She is part skittish, part friendly, if that’s even possible. sometimes when she sees us, she’d run to us happily. sometimes she’d stand a distance away, staring suspiciously.

Jay likes to hang out on the 2nd floor of the car park. Once after I parked the car, I spotted her snoozing by the wall nearby so I decided to snap a picture. she woke at my footsteps and came to say haaaaaaai.




she then followed me out of the car park. SO CUTE!


Bao Bao is new on the block. she also likes to hang out at the same car park as Jay but at the other end, on the first floor. her favourite sleeping spots are on the seats of bikes. We name her Bao Bao because the first time we met her, she stuck her head into our plastic bags looking for food. Bryan’s bag had po luo bao while mine had liu sha bao. Hence we decided she likes baos.

Bao Bao is a teenager and is VERY friendly. she loves to play like a kitten, often biting lightly and grabbing at Bryan’s fingers. it’s because of her I finally started carrying kibble in my bag like a crazy cat lady. Once Bryan spotted her, he waved at her and she ran towards him. He opened the car park door and went through it. as the door swung shut, she stopped short and stared confused at the door, not knowing what to do. If you know HDB carparks, they all have these useless doors at the stairwell that serves no real purpose because there is no wall next to it that blocks off access i.e. you can literally walk around the door. so Bryan walked around the door and peeped at Bao Bao, wondering what she’s up to. She sprang up and ran towards him, where they headed to a corner for him to feed her.

I’ve always wondered if anyone else gave names to these stray cats, because that would mean they would have multiple names to answer to. what could be Bao Bao to me could be Orangey to another person. There are quite a number of cat lovers in this area, judging by the few times I caught someone else feeding them. I’m just glad that these cats are well loved.



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    My old block cat was Daocat to me. Other neighbours called her Fat Cat, Ah Mao, 那只东西 etc.

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