Good Food West: Manhill Restaurant

It was one of those Friday nights where traffic everywhere else was bad and we were truly very hungry. So we headed in the opposite direction and drove for a bit before turning into a quiet street off Pasir Panjang. Bryan has gone past this restaurant many times in his youth and has always wondered what exactly is Manhill restaurant.

A quick search on hungrygowhere and we decided on our dinner. this restaurant was known for its claypot dishes so we settled for some 8 treasures claypot goodness. its bubbly hot thick gravy mixed with a hotpot of vegetables, mushrooms, meat and herbs makes this a yummy raining season dish.


This paper wrapped chicken is better than the one at the lonely restaurant that sits on the hill next to Ngee Ann Poly. the meat is bigger, chunkier, juicier and served boneless.


We decided to go for kang kong cooked with garlic. lightly flavoured and crunchy. it complemented the other dishes that were slightly more full flavoured.


another recommendation that proved itself well. Braised tofu stir fried with crab meat. this is really tasty. I finished it all.


Despite some of the bad reviews, I felt this was a really good find, and satisfied my weekly tze char craving.

99 Pasir Panjang Road.


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