Fido is sick

we recently found small red stained puddles on the floor, which after 2 weeks of staring, managed to trace it to Fido. He’s been leaving blood stained urine puddles on the floor and according to Google, that’s a symptom of Urinary Tract Disease. my cat has UTI! so we squished him into a carrier he was too fat for (sorry dude, we rarely had to bring you out) and brought him to the vet.

He was mostly quiet in the elevator until the neighbours came in. Fido then let out the saddest, most pathetic sounding MAAAOOOOOOO in the universe. The kind that said “HELPPPP MEEEEE’ or “Y U DO THIS TO MEEEEEE” or “SAVEEEE MEEE STRANGE PEOPLE!” or as Sammie aptly described, “YOU KILLED ME ENTIRE FAMILYY MAAOOOOO”. I’ve heard all his different maos before but this was the first time I hear him complain so loud and soulfully. I couldn’t stop laughing.

The vet gave Fido tablets, where feeding him was a 2 man project. Unlike Grey who thrashed about possessed, Fido would freeze as we cornered him. Well I cornered him while Bryan tried to get his mouth to open so that he could pop the tablet in. Fido would sit still and clamp his jaws shut, and suddenly reach out with one paw and forcefully tried to push my hand away. At one point, he dug his claw into my hand and now i have a hole in my hand.

He’s been depressed too, lying around the house and not reacting to hugs and pats. we got really worried when he was stretched out on his back, tummy exposed, paws splayed, unresponsive to tummy rubs. it’s like he licked a Valium lolly.

I hope he gets better soon.



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    Poor Fido! Get well soon big guy.

    1. Grey has to stop bullying him!

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