Zombie Survival Kit: Building stamina with Amore

In anticipation of a zombie apocalypse, I joined Amore Fitness Club to improve my stamina. Between Bryan and myself, we’ve pretty much covered the offensive; archery, trap shooting (shotgun), AK-47 (thanks to the army), melee (I’m good with a baseball bat, Bryan is good with a frying pan). However when it comes to the defensive (running away), i can say we pretty much suck at it. The climbing of 300 (steps) in Bali was a good indication that if I had to run up 300 steps to safety, I might as well give myself up to the zombies.

So I signed up for a 1-day trial at Amore. A women’s only club, they have several branches around Singapore close to heartland areas. They have 2 kinds of membership, limited or unlimited. Limited membership gives you a set number of sessions per year (they offered me 96 / year) while unlimited gives you unlimited access. both memberships allows you to to go to any of the branches, except for the 2 in the east (tampines). Currently they are having an offer for DBS / POSB card members, 20% off if you signed up for 3 years. A free upgrade to unlimited if you’re a Platinum card members. I told her I have commitment issues so I only signed up for a year.

The great thing is that on top of a regular gym, they have a range of classes for you to join. from aerobics to yoga / pilates to dance. I was actually looking for something like that, as most places have one but not the other.

She let me try the kickstarter class. since it was a beginners class to kickboxing and everyone else has graduated already, I had a 1-on-1 session with the trainer Mark. He brought me through the basics of kickboxing and new body. So the first half of the class I learnt how to defend, punch and kick. he said I had good pose and asked if I had taken karate class before. I told him the only kicking I’ve ever done is that of my friends. we went onto toning exercises with power plates and dumb bells. because we had no time to do everything, he took me through the safety measures to look out for when exercising.

I must say I had a lot of fun. He encouraged me to join his kickboxing class in the next hour but he did say it was pretty fast paced. I wandered over to the gym instead and went on the treadmill. I did alot of brisk walking, all the wall peeping at the girl beside me who was literally pounding her way through her 25 mins run. then I moved onto the bicycle and pedaled while watching tv. How do people read and run? Richard suggested I read my ebook while i ran. all that bouncing around would have given me motion sickness.

for some reason the place was rather empty, except for the 2 studios holding classes. Perhaps people didn’t like to to exercise on Sundays. I spent 2 hours exercising and burnt about 200 calories. I can’t believe I actually had fun exercising!


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