The Xbox Game that wouldn’t

Last week when Modern Warfare 3 was finally released, we headed down to Sim Lim Square to grab a copy for Eugene for his belated birthday present. We brought the game home and Bryan threw it on my side of the bed, like all the other things that he likes to throw on the bed.

The next day, while I went wedding gown shopping, Bryan made arrangements to meet Eugene to pass him his game. Right after we parked our car at China Square, Bryan suddenly realised he was empty handed and started cursing a mile a minute.

Me: how the fuck I know.
Me: I didn’t touch it.
Me: did you put it just now (before we left the house) or last night?
Him: LAST NIGHT (i’m not sure why Bryan talks like he’s God with Booming Voice)
Me: well it’s impossible that it’s still on the bed last night when we were both sleeping on the same bed (i’d have kicked it off in the middle of the night). Anyway we changed the sheets last night so YOU would have put it on the floor YOURSELF.
Him: *silence* (sudden realisation who’s the idiot here)

So he texted Eugene with apologies but they still met anyway for coffee. They then made plans for the next day for Eugene to swing by Bryan’s place to get the game since Eugene had an appointment in the area.

On the second day, Bryan placed the black plastic bag which held the game in a strategic spot: on my handbag. When Eugene arrived, as Bryan grabbed the plastic bag and as he headed out, I NAGGED at him to check that the right game was inside the bag. Bryan gave me a benign smile before he left the house. The exchange was made without my presence.

15 minutes later, I was packing my bag for the next day when I reminded Bryan to pass me my game (Skyrim) so I could bring it home to install it on my PC. Bryan had installed a copy on his PC (so I could play at his house) so he opened the cd-rom to take out the disc. But the disc wasn’t Skyrim but something else. then he looked around the room but couldn’t find anything. He looked at me and asked where did i put it.

This was getting a bit stale.

I started searching around the bed and found another black plastic bag on the floor. I looked inside and realised it was holding Eugene’s copy of Modern Warfare 3. Bryan had instead passed Eugene my copy of Skyrim. I took out the game from the plastic bag and showed it to Bryan. He threw a hissy fit like it was my fault he couldn’t pass the game to Eugene properly. Annoyed but concerned that Eugene was driving further away from our place, I quickly called his wife up.

Luckily they were at the halfway point between our houses. When I told Tricia in the most apologetic tone I could muster that Eugene got the wrong game, I could hear laughter in the background. I offered to pass it to them at their place later that day but they very nicely turned back instead. There was a lot of apologising and bowing when we made the final exchange later. I even made them take out the box from the plastic bag to make sure we got the right game. Bryan had never looked so sheepish in his life.

It’s a good thing Bryan isn’t a transplant surgeon or anything like that.

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