Brunetti (Tanglin Mall, Singapore)

Brunetti is in Singapore! Has been for the past 2 months or so. When I found out while googling it by chance, I was mighty pleased. Those who’ve been to Melbourne would know of this place, we found out about it through Germaine’s recommendations being a Melbournite herself. Originating from Lygon Street, Brunetti is the place to go to to satisfy any sweet cravings or for a quick cuppa.

The design of the cafe is much like the one we visited in Melbourne. The counters are filled with pastry of every colour and design. There is no real queuing system, you just step up to the counter nearest to your pastry of choice and wait till the staff is available to take your order. It’s a self-serve cafe so you pay on the spot and bring your treats back to your own table. Coffee can be collected at the next counter.

The desserts were $7.50 on average. If you paid by cash, the staff will ask if you have 50 cents. perhaps they should charge 50 cents less if they didn’t have enough change.


San Remo. lemon + cream + raspberry goodness. I eat anything that’s not chocolate.


Evie picked a raspberry doughtnut.


We sat outside and had a nice leisurely afternoon, waving at the little girl gazing at us curiously from the next table, gawking at the fashion accident who arrived at the table behind us.

I read some reviews on hungrygowhere on Brunetti. One person complained the counter was too high coz one had to speak over it to make an order. I’m petite myself and I didn’t find the counter a problem. Singaporeans really complain about ANYTHING.



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    I never could afford to eat at Brunetti’s very much when I was a poor student, so I’ve been making up for lost time since they opened here! James is sad that they don’t have the funky tea selection that they had in Melb.

    (I’ve always called it Brunetti’s with the ‘s’ for as long as I can remember. It came as a shock to me that there’s no ‘s’. It might be an Aussie thing to add the ‘s’.)

    1. so i was right! i kept calling it brunettis too! I thought I remembered wrongly when I saw it was spelled without over here.

      THANK YOU for introducing it to us 🙂

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