Reasons why Fido is the smarter cat

  1. He knows better than to leave the house because he knows the Outside World is Big and Bad.
  2. He doesn’t scratch the door because that means he gets water sprayed in the face. He instead taps the door which makes it go thud thud thud thud, just as annoying.
  3. He doesn’t move from his spot until he hears the kibble container open.
  4. In fact, he’s improved it by not moving from his perch until Grey’s pathetic meow meow meow grows to MEOWMEOWMEOWMEOEWARRFFARFFFWOOFWOOFWOOFWOOFWRROOOOOOOOMEOW when i pick up his food bowl to fill it.
  5. He will sit quietly and patiently at his bowl until the food touches it, unlike Grey who goes berserk at anyone who walks the few metres between his bowl and the tray where we keep his food. I once walked back and forth empty handed while Grey followed me frantically. Fido just watched the idiocy patiently.
  6. When Grey is hungry in the morning, he just sits quietly outside our bedroom door and hopes. Fido will sit a few steps back (outside reach of the spray bottle) and meows in a measured pace until I cannot take it and get up to feed them.
  7. He doesn’t try to be creative with poo poo time.
  8. He comes running whenever I step out of the bedroom. He knows who loves him most.


  1. Fido is really smart cat 😉

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