Porn’s (Thai food)

Porn’s is a Thai eatery located at Liang Seah Street and at Safra Mount Faber. I think it’s opened by Mediacorp Channel 8 artiste Pornsak. It was relatively empty on a weekday evening so we decided to have our dinner there in anticipation of our upcoming Thailand trip.

The word Porn written in Thai on the walls with Thai license plates. According to the wall, Porn means Blessing.


The Thai alphabet. notice some of the letters were almost similar except for a tiny kink in the stroke. Cannot imagine learning Thai language.


it has a simple cafe feel with 60s toy collectibles displayed on one side of the wall. They were playing Thai rock music so I sat with my back facing the street, closed my eyes for a bit and imagined myself in a cafe in Thailand.


Fried Prawn cakes served with a side of Thai sweet chili sauce. Crispy on outside, filled with prawn stuffing inside. Yummy!


They had clear and coconut based tom yum soups. not a fan of clear soups, I ordered the coconut based on, half expecting the reddish soup version. instead it came out coconut white which was rather strange but it still tasted good. Except that we ordered the lower spice level and it was still bloody spicy. my tongue fell off in mid-sip.


Kra Pow, or stir fried minced pork with basil. It’s cooked rather spicy here, which made me wonder why is Thai food unnecessarily extremely spicy in Singapore. in Thailand, their food has a range of spiciness where you can eat an entire meal without losing your sense of taste. They play around with 4 main condiments: lime, fish sauce, basil and chili. in Singapore, if it’s not spicy, it is not Thai food. the dish tastes good but it could do with a little less chili padi.


Pad Thai. surprisingly tasty. it is unlike the sweetish pad thai that Thai Express serves, which I don’t like at all.


Condiments tray. according to Bryan, was lacking the fish sauce component. He disapproves.


Stir-fry vegetables with salted fish. this was my favourite dish of the night.

I ended the meal with a glass of very cold refreshing lemongrass. Funnily I didn’t used to like lemongrass drink coz it felt like I was drinking Mama Lemon dishwashing liquid. We were surprised by the standard of the food. For about $8-$12 per dish, it was affordable and the standard was better than Thai Express. Yet when I check the food reviews on Hungrygowhere, Porn’s fared worse than Thai Express. I frankly do not understand the Singaporean palate anymore. Also the few reviews I read keep saying it’s such a cheekily named cafe. goodness, get your facts right people.



  1. eatdrinkcooktravel · · Reply

    Hmm… I wonder if this is related to the Porn’s at Upper East Coast Road. That was terrible. Maybe that’s why the bad reviews?

    1. i think it is but I thought the food was okay *shrugs*

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