The Lion King Musical (Marina Bay Sands Theatre)

Hmm, why is theatre spelled differently on the ticket?

When The Lion King opened its doors at Marina Bay Sands, it never occurred to me that I might want to watch it, much less enjoy it. It is after all a story about some lion singing about some circle of life and dancing around in the wilderness with some wild boar and some meerkat, not a story about bittersweet love in Saigon or the French revolution. (yes i’m a purist, I don’t fancy Hairspray as real Broadway material). However, Lion King was finishing its run and I told myself its now or never, so I grabbed tickets and watched the show with my ex.


I must say the show opening is really awe inspiring. the scene opens with the rising (setting?) sun where the king of the jungle Mufasa showing off his newborn heir to his kingdom, to the breathtaking opening of Circle of Life. the costumes are amazingly crafted, their movements ever so carefully mimicked by the performers. I turned around and my jaw dropped to see some of the animals like the elephants and the rhinos walking gracefully down the stairs towards the stage, followed by the leaping deers and the galloping giraffes.


my favourite character throughout the musical was the baboon. I loved her singing voice. it carried such clarity and power, it gave soul to every tribal song she sung. Suddenly, I find myself liking African tribal music.


even the beauty of the Serengeti terrain was brought to life in costume.


The lion king wasn’t just about finding courage, but also love.


Face off. I thought Scar was pretty cool.


in every Disney cartoon, there is always Curly and Moe.


if you haven’t caught it by now, you have to watch it. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

While I’m happy that Marina Bay Sands has decided to bring musicals to Singapore on a regular basis, I’m not liking the fact that Marina Bay Sands isn’t the most convenient of places to get to. The parking is atrocious; with not enough lots to supplement the theatre going crowd, much less the rest of the mall. and the ridiculous parking rates they have. I waited at the bay till it hit 7pm to enjoy the per entry parking rates. no way was I going to pay an additional $7 just to park 5 minutes earlier.


The Lion King Trailer (on Broadway)


I went a little nuts and put Circle of Life on repeat mode.


Bryan lifted Fido into the air at the opening of the song, just like in the show. Fido wasn’t too pleased about it.

All pictures and videos belong to Disney. Cat belongs to Bryan.


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