Jay the Cat

we were reversing our car into the lot when we looked up and spotted an old friend waiting for us.

it’s Jay! she was sitting on the car next to us, waiting for us to pull up before saying MEOWCOME HOME!


Jay likes to hang around the multi-storey car park, sitting on top of cars and just chillin’.


I went up to say hi to Jay.


Jay was extremely friendly today. according to Bryan, she used to be a friendly kitten but she got scared of human beings, perhaps coz some asshole hurt her or something. But I think she recognises the cat souls in us so she came up to say haaaaaiii. she rubbed her face against Bryan’s legs but she followed me around the car as I wiped off random lumps of bird poop. I had left one of the car doors open so she peered inside curiously as if looking for food. as we moved away from the car, she ran after us as if to follow us home. along the way, she told us about her day and I felt bad for not carrying any kibble with me. at the staircase door, she stopped and watched us curiously as we disappeared from sight.



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    I love carpark cats 🙂

    1. does your place see many cats it being a private estate? mine doesn’t. we used to have a limping cat that was fed by one of the neighbours but she disappeared 😦

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