Happy Birthday Egoh!

This year Eugene decided to celebrate this birthday at Oversea Restaurant, a move from the usual June Eating House birthday celebration dinners. Good thing I guess, since Joe announced on NATIONAL RADIO our secret zi char place to the world.

every year we invite almost the same people, every year some of these same people didn’t get the memo about the Egoh face.


the famous oversea char siew. we literally fought over it. someone counted the total number of pieces on the large plate and tried to divide it equally among all. so we each obediently took only 3 pieces.


roast pork.


tricia gave me the honour of ordering the food, which was rather stressful since I was ordering to feed 17 people. luckily most of their dishes are good so everyone was satisfied with tonight’s selection. here’s claypot sambal eggplant.


claypot chicken.


kailan with ginger juice and wine sauce.


the waiters at Oversea are really funny friendly bunch. there was a skinny bespectacled boy who served our table the last time we were there. he was happy to entertain us with his antics. when he tried to remove the plate of prawn & tofu to swap it onto a smaller plate so that more food can fit on the lazy suzy, Bryan was almost frantic. so when he returned with the prawn & tofu in a much smaller bowl, he placed it right in front of Bryan and mock whispered, “don’t tell anyone i put it here.”

even when he was preparing the birthday cake, he tried to motion surreptitiously at Eugene as if to ask if that’s the birthday boy. however it was done so obviously that it was funny. so I pretended to hide my wink and nod while playing along.

when the restaurant manager tried to clear the empty plate of char siew, Waisan protested outloud coz she wanted the leftover dried sauce off the plate. the manager raised eyebrows and asked if anyone else wanted char siew sauce from the kitchen.

the rest of the staff were very attentive, often topping our cups of tea even before it reached mid-cup. when i asked if i could make my order in english, the waiter hesitated but he still said yes. better for him to struggle to reply in english than for a customer to struggle through badly mangled mandarin just to make herself understood. even though we stayed late and were the last ones to leave, the staff waited patiently for us to leave before faring us well. 10 points for good food and good service!



  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    So rare to eat someplace that has good food AND service!

    1. entertaining service no less! it’d be great if they had broken out in song and dance!

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