All Girls Trip at Bali

We went on a girls only trip to Bali over the weekend. It was supposed to be a re-hash of the not quite annual girlies trip we did in NYC 3 years back. But it’s tough getting 7 girls to agree on a date, what with some of us living overseas, have family commitments, or simply being overworked by crazy bosses, so we made do with the 5 who could make it and chose a short nearby getaway. Bali was decided upon coz 2 of them loved it and I’ve never been.

Well technically I’ve been to Bali when I was 12 or something but that trip didn’t quite count. we were on a trip to Gold Coast, Australia and they threw in 2 nights free in Bali. All I remembered about Bali then was it was blistering hot, there were topless fat white men on the beach, and the CD shops classified “Michael Learns to Rock” under “Rock” section.

With Bibi’s connections, we managed to get a 2 bedroom villa at Amadea Resorts (Seminyak) at half the usual rate. I paid as much as one would pay for a hostel en suite in Europe, that’s how amazing the deal was. in return we got an amazing villa with our own pool.


Front entrance.


the main pool where the not so special people swim in.

Our villa is made up of the main building (shown here) with living and dining room. there’s a 1.5 bedroom upstairs. across the pool from the main building is a smaller building which is really just a bedroom (with a king sized bed) and bathroom facilities. immediately the girls started running around calling dibs on rooms. I quipped that it was like watching America’s next top model, where they enter a luxurious house for the first time and start screaming  like crazed banshees.


our pool next to the smaller building.


Living room.

Dining room and kitchen.

bath tub and shower options.

upstairs bedroom has 3 beds.

for him and her sinks.

the villa was perfect. we actually stripped down to our underwear and jumped into the pool. we blasted music from the TV in the living room and when they played Maroon 5’s Moves like Jagger, I made every do water aerobics with me in the pool as we danced along like Mick Jagger.


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