Inspired: Imperial Shuttle 10212

My colleague leaned towards me with a whispered confession.

“I’m going to Chicago this Friday, to see U2.”

My scream of envy could be heard miles away.

So I demanded that he help me buy back a Star Wars lego set, and he faithfully lugged back the Imperial Shuttle for me.

Now this goes along with my other unbuilded Lego Star Wars toys which will remain in their boxes till my new place.



  1. germaine · · Reply

    I didn’t know you were this into Lego Star Wars! We saw so many at the Lego store at Rockefeller Centre and couldn’t think of anyone to buy them for. So we got a Hogwarts set for James’ nephew.

    1. i LOVEEEEE lego star wars. I’m now trying to hunt down the USC millennium falcon.
      usually i’ll try to con anyone who comes back from US to get me something coz it’s always almost $100 cheaper in US but i always feel bad they have to lug it back coz those bricks are heavy :/

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