All Girls Bali: Food

When in Rome, eat what the Romans eat. Luckily for me, I love Indonesian food as my palate is familiar with its flavours and I love spicy food.

Michelle gave us a list of restaurant recommendations but we kept going back to one, Warung Made. Warung means cafe. it serves local cuisine and pretty affordable rates.


Nasi Campur Special. it’s like economical rice in Singapore. one serving of white rice with a very wide variety of food served together with it. I could identify a beef rendang, a fish curry something, some prawn curry, tempeh, ikan bilis, eggplant, some chicken, some cucumber, and a mystery meat of sorts.


This is Nasi Goreng, or simply fried rice. it’s served with egg and satay.


Crabs in Balinese sauce, one of their specialties. we couldn’t identify what was it they used for their gravy but it’s really good.


along our street there’s another Indonesian cafe called Warung Murah, where Murah means cheap. The prices are really affordable, where one meal such as the above is only IDR24,000 (about $4). I had the grilled fish and the grilled chicken both times we were there.


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