Avalon sucks big time

Avalon, the latest club to open at Marina Bay Sands after much fanfare, was a dismal failure. A week into its opening, we were there during F1 weekend for Avalon F1 party to catch Daddy G (Massive Attack), Kruder & Dorfmeister  and Sander Kleinenberg. There was little information on how the event would be run. The tickets said 9pm – 2am but I was highly suspicious of any club starting a party that early. However with 3 acts in 1 night, I was hesitant to turn up late and miss any of it. So we headed there at 11pm only to find that the club wasn’t ready at all. At the entrance of the club, we were herded to the 3rd floor balcony where all the seats were reserved and there wasn’t any place to stand. The main dance area on the 2nd floor was closed but we accidentally wandered into the area. The place was still being set up with stage crew hanging some sort of cloth on the backdrop. We were then chased out by the bouncers who said the place wasn’t ready at all.

So we hung out at one of the outdoor bars along the Promenade and waited a good hour before heading in. Daddy G started late (he was supposed to come om at 1230 but came on at 1am). he played a few chill tunes that weren’t quite club material so it was pretty slow going. I stood there sipping my overpriced drink ($23 for a vodka with mixer) while I watched people cavort in poor lighting. Ever so often, a waitress dressed like a prostitute would stride out holding a large bottle of something or champagne, topped with a sparkler, and marched purposefully to the table who ordered it. Then the idiots at the table would grab the sparkler and waved it above their heads as if they had a really deprived childhood. I guess the sparklers were meant to impress upon people around them that hey, these people can spend copious amounts of money on alcohol. I find it funny how people are so easily impressed by shiny bright lights.

by 2am Kruder & Dorf still haven’t gotten on stage. by now, the stage was so smokey I couldn’t tell if anyone was really spinning or they just popped a CD in. by 3am we decided that they were a no show. We left the club, which many other people were doing. Bryan was pissed off enough to want to speak to a person-in-charge about it but they didn’t seem to care about service quality. Someone said that they couldn’t get the video screens to work properly so K&D refused to perform. so that night was a waste of time and money.

Bryan looked fit to punch someone but I couldn’t care less. My head was pounding in a WARH WARH WARH WARH sort of way that made my eyes squint. On the way back to the car park, I came across 3 bouncers dragging some white dude out of Pangea, the sister club of Avalon.

The next day, Avalon sent an apology message on their facebook page and said K&D would perform the next night, a SUNDAY NIGHT. sure enough, everyone was pissed. I was truly annoyed. It is unfortunate that Avalon wasted the time of music lovers and these DJs who flew all the way down to Singapore for such a sub par experience. I hope they close within the year for everyone’s sake.


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