Catapulting to team bonding

I really hate team building sessions for many reasons. firstly it involves a lot of running. secondly it’s usually running in the sun. I really hate both kinds of activity, especially when they are combined together. I bond perfectly well with my colleagues in office. I don’t need to bond anymore in the sun while running. So when I turned up at the team building venue, I was kinda grouchy and annoyed.

Firstly, HR sent us the wrong address and most of us turned up at Changi Beach Club when it should be at National Service Centre. wassat? the end of the world for sure because I didn’t know where I was driving. Thank goodness for GPS, I got myself back on the expressway and got there in one piece.

Amazingly, the team building wasn’t that bad. most of it was held indoors while we played silly games and laughed ourselves silly. we did several small tasks to earn “dollar points” which allowed us to buy materials to build a catapult, which was the goal of the day. Finally, the years of reading fantasy novels and watching medieval shows are finally paying off. I GET TO BUILD A CATAPULT!

our team did pretty well in the first few stages thanks to my crazy ass colleagues so we had enough dollar points to buy a lot of materials. we went with the slightly complicated model with a flipping arm, using a pivot point, powered by an elastic band.


Teams who didn’t have an elastic bands used other methods like throwing a weight at one end to flip the other end over.


some used a bendable bamboo stick to spring the ball into air.


This team had the most effective catapult.


This one used a slingshot method.


watch our ball go!


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