Family Photo: The Cats

In a rare moment, Grey allowed himself to sit next to Fido. And Fido didn’t inch away like he used to. (which I now suspect is coz Grey’s breath doesn’t stink like a dead carcass anymore).

Hello boys!


Which is the more handsome of the two? (the one with the cat collar that’s who!) so what if i’m biased.


Bryan is biased too. look at poor Fido 😦


Backside shot




Grey gets a head rub. Fido looks on.


Fido pretends it doesn’t hurt his feelings.




one peek.


saddest face in the world. AWWWWW!


I am above hugs and kisses! I love you wall! You love me too?




  1. Ms Brightside · · Reply

    They’re really chilling out side by side! This *never* happens in our household. The photo on my blog header is as close as they ever get.

    1. give them a few years till they mellow or something.. maybe miracles will happen!

  2. LOL; to be fair, I put them both there. Surprised they stayed on the same perch that long, though.

    1. Fido was probably never afraid of Grey. He probably couldn’t stand the smell before this. Smart cat.

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