Breast Cancer Awareness 2011

In support of Moonberry’s movement to raise awareness of Breast Cancer this October, I got Illybean to pose with one of Irene’s awareness posters. I went with the “I pledge to share the awareness of breast cancer with others” one coz that was at least do-able. I would have picked the “I’d wear pink all month” one but I took one look at my closet and though maybe not. if it had been BLACK ribbon month, perhaps.

getting a rabbit to pose with an iPhone is no mean feat. she wouldn’t stay still. and when she did, the iPhone wouldn’t stay still.


A few years ago while doing my regular check-ups, my gynae was pressing and pushing when she hesitated and pronounced I had a lump. I was all Wut? while she was more concerned that a person as small-chested as I was had a lump, and if she were to remove it, I probably wouldn’t have any boob left (gee thanks). a quick biopsy showed it was nothing but this goes to show how important regular checks are. When I told Bryan about the lumps, he went “huh? you mean those things aren’t your boobies?” OH GEE THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!

jokes aside, there are many other ways to support this movement. you can spread the message to educate women to do regular breast examinations. my gynae charges me $20 for each breast examination (GASP! I should be charging her money for touching meh boobies!) or you could donate to worthy causes that either help breast cancer research, fund free mammograms to those in need and many more.

Some links:

Breast Cancer Awareness Facebook

Pink Ribbon Dot Org

Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon

Hard Rock Pinktober

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