Parenthood: Fido acting up

Fido has been acting strange of late. he used to mao at our door, begging for attention but he stopped that for awhile. Then he went from the cleanest cat in the hood to peeing outside of the box, and not just outside of his litter box but right on the spot next to the bathroom mat. we have no idea what sparked that bad behaviour and we’ve alternated between scolding him (me) and telling him nicely it’s a bad thing to do (Bryan). we now make sure his litter box is kept as clean as possible to encourage in the box peeing. I also sprayed lemon scented floor cleaner on the spot he keeps peeing on coz it’s said that cats don’t like the smell of citrus.

The other day, while puttering around in the kitchen, I caught Fido peeing in both his own and Grey’s litter box. He turned a little OCD, first peeing in his own box, then coming back to pee in Grey’s box. Then back to his own box again. in the 1 hour i was in the kitchen, he peed a total of 6 times. I’m not sure if it’s incontinence or anxiety issues. Now that he has marked both litter trays with his pee, Grey has rejected his litter training and reverted to peeing on the bathroom floor.

While all this is going on, the mao-ing at the door has resumed. 2 nights ago, Fido decided to wake me up at 710am on a weekend. annoyed, I reached for the spray bottle and opened the door. He stood his ground and eyed the bottle warily, so I sprayed water at him.

Fido continued eyeing me puzzedly. however I ended up having water on my face instead coz I had pointed the wrong end of the nozzle at myself. So instead of chasing the cat away and going right back to bed, I ended up with a wet face and feeling even more annoyed. pissed, I climbed out of bed and chased Fido into the living room, squirting water at him. not a good start to the weekend.


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