Inspired: Mooncake Boxes

Mid-autumn festival is back again. While the kids are out brandishing paper lanterns, the flood of mooncakes from our vendors has begun. so while people are making comparisons on which lotus seed paste is nicer or which arty farty sounding snow skin mooncake is tastier, i went round snapping pictures of the mooncake boxes. Mooncakes over the years have become homogenious. if it’s not the usual lotus paste with double yolk, it’s the ones with the funky flavours (champagne truffles or lychee martini or candy floss), but even then, it’s nothing new anymore. what really draws my attention these days are the box designs. they have become really interesting. while most still keep to some chinese elements in their design, they have generally become more arty looking these days.

there is also a little war going on between some of us on who gets her hands on the nicer boxes first. Women are such suckers for packaging. i’ve snatched the beige one below, perfect for keeping jewelry.

Regent Singapore


Fullerton Hotel


Mandarin Orchard


SMRT Media (hotel unknown)


Conrad (Golden Peony restaurant)

Silkroad Restaurant


Sichuan Dou Hua Restaurant


restaurant unknown


Xin Restaurant



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