Parenthood: Food rivalry

It’s feeding time! Bryan calls out to one cat and both came running.

see the busybody behind?


Busybody gets to eat yummy dried food. However Grey gets to eat delicious wet food (coz it’s better for his health).


While Grey noms down his dinner, Fido looks on dejectedly.


He realises he’s getting the worse deal here. the difference between dry food and wet food is like army rations vs macdonalds.


I’ve never seen a cat look so sad before. typically by this time, he’d have wolfed down his dinner.


Look of “how could you do this to me?”


after thinking about it for a bit, he realises he’s not going to be getting Macdonalds so he gave up looking pathetic.

Throughout all this, Grey paid him no heed.




  1. Why can’t Fido hv wet food?

    1. for one, grey is eating prescription wet food (for renal failure) so fido doesn’t need it.
      secondly, fido has been having diarrhea after eating all that wet food so i think it’s not good for him.

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